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Photography: Colorbox Photographers, Brooke Glassford / Venue: Wynfield Estate {Montgomery, Ala.} / Dress: Ivory and White / Flowers/styling: Evan & Co. / Invitations/programs: Poppy Pedals / Catering: Jenny Weller Catering / Cake: Peggy McKinney Cakes / Make up: Lush Makeup

How did you two meet?

Taylor (girl): “Taylor and I met in college at the University of Alabama through mutual friends. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. It was short lived though because we didn’t start dating until my senior year when Taylor was still living in Tuscaloosa and working on Governor Bentley’s campaign.”

How long did you two date and tell us about the proposal?

Taylor (girl): “Taylor and I had been dating for almost four years by the time we got married. I remember the proposal like it was yesterday. Taylor was living and working in Montgomery, and I was still living at home in Atlanta for my job (we both like to joke that we’d spent most of our time during the last few years on I-85, an exact two hours and forty three minutes from door to door, but who’s counting).

 I had come into town early that weekend for a charity holiday event on Thursday, and then we were headed to Taylor’s family Christmas dinner planned for later that weekend. The days were holiday themed, and I didn’t think anything of it. I had been working from Taylor’s loft that Friday when he called shortly before the end of the day and told me to jump in the shower so we could walk somewhere downtown to grab a drink and some dinner – a casual night just the two of us. By the time Taylor got home, I was dressed and ready to go minus my shoes, which were still in my car. We chatted for a few and of course, like the gentleman that Taylor always is, he offered to go back out and grab my shoes for me except when we came back he also had a big Christmas box in hand. “Christmas has come early,” he had said and handed me this wrapped box with jingle bells on it to open …(I swear I thought it was a bike helmet and a new shiny mountain bike was sitting outside waiting for me.)

 I opened this box to find another box with jingle bells on it and a note that said, “Let Christmas bells ring once.” I opened the second box to find another smaller box also with jingle bells and a note that said, “Let Christmas jingle bells ring twice”. I then opened this third box to find the last but quite smaller of the boxes insides with only a note that said, “And let wedding bells ring forever” and at this moment Taylor got down on one knee and proposed.

 After the proposal, Taylor and I headed out for dinner that evening and boy was it a surprise when we pulled up to the Governor’s mansion. I was in complete shock and in even more shock when we walked inside to see both of our families jump out and surprise me, including my grandparents who had flown all the way from California. It was truly amazing. We enjoyed an amazing dinner together prepared by the Governor’s private chef (and award winning I must add) and some of his staff. It was a one-of-a-kind evening.”

Taylor (girl) – What’s your favorite thing about Taylor?

Taylor (girl): “I never dreamed I would find someone who challenges me to see the world like Taylor does. He reminds me every single day to dream bigger, work harder and make every day better than the last.”

Taylor (boy) – What’s your favorite thing about Taylor?

Taylor (boy): “Let’s see… her good sense of humor, her persistence, how she finds me so funny, her love to spend hundreds of dollars at Target, her name of course and all the tedious things she does for our home, the way she puts up with me, her love for horrible television, the way she loves my family, her immaculate memory, her independence, her optimism, her thoughtfulness, her kindness, her beauty, her love for extremely expensive facial products and lip gloss to name a few and most importantly— her love for me and our future together.”


What are some thing we like to do together?

Taylor (girl): “It’s funny because even though we spent four years living in different states, they were probably the most adventurous times we’ve both ever had. We are definitely a couple on-the-go. We like to travel on the weekends whether that be at the lake or beach, visiting friends in another city or going to various events. We also love spending time outside no matter what we are doing. Having a long distance relationship made us appreciate the time we spent together. We never wanted to take any minute for granted.”

What was each of your favorite part of the wedding day?

Taylor (girl): “My favorite part of the wedding day was definitely during the reception. Taylor and I taken a moment to sit down to enjoy some dinner and talk to each other about the day. The sun was setting and shinning in through the glass conservatory walls and our beloved family was surrounding us talking, laughing and eating – It was one of the most beautiful and fulfilling moments I have ever experienced.”

 Taylor (boy): “The meshing of families into one is something that I will never forget about our special day, other than seeing my beautiful bride for the first time! Having a small family wedding was something we knew we wanted to do, even against the wishes of our friends. When we first walked into the dinner reception, I recall looking over at the other head table and seeing all of our grandparents, the patriarchs of our family, sharing a table and sharing stories and laughs. That instilled, what I knew all along, that Taylor and I (family and all) were meant for one another.”

Taylor (girl)— what was your favorite styling detail?

Taylor (girl): “This is probably the hardest question to answer because everything down to the smallest detail was incrediblly beautiful and perfect. Words cannot even describe the feelings I had for the styling and design of our venue, ceremony and reception. If I truly had to pick one thing, it would be a very personal detail – our ceremony cross. It was the centerpiece to our ceremony alter in the backyard of the Wynfield Estate. This cross stood almost three ft. high, and was hand carved by a family friend from the trunk of a maple tree in his yard. It took my breath away the first time I saw it, and is a gift Taylor and I will cherish forever.”

What’s next for you two?

Taylor (girl): “Yes, we know this is going to sound absolutely crazy but we welcomed home a 10-week old golden retriever puppy the day we arrived back from our honeymoon. We walked through the threshold of our loft with a puppy and suitcases in hand, literally. I guess you could say it was a good thing we caught up on a lot of sleep during our honeymoon. Our little Newton “Newty” Vice is the sweetest, most cuddly dog on the planet. So for now, we’ll be spending our nights sleepless and our days going on potty runs every two hours.”

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