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Photography: Erika Tracy of Kim Box Photography / Florists & Stylist: Evan & Co. / Catering: Sodexo Food Services (Troy University’s Dining Services) / Cake: Peggy McKinney / Band: 4 Barrel Funk / Bridal Gown & Bridesmaids Dresses: Denson’s of Montgomery

How did the two of you meet? Tell us your story.
Klein and I formally met during our sophomore year of college at The University of Alabama. My roommate and best friend, who is also Klein’s cousin, invited him over to our house one afternoon in order to introduce us. Not long after that day, Klein asked me on our very first date to Alabama’s Homecoming football game which would be followed by his fraternity’s Homecoming Cocktail. That special day was followed by a series of dinner and movie dates (so I assume that means he liked me), and the rest is history. We still talk about our first date like it happened last week, and it makes us happy to think that’s where our lives together first began.

How did he propose?

Klein was living in Birmingham at the time, and I was currently living with my parents and waiting to begin my employment in Birmingham in October. On one random Friday in September, Klein asked if I could drive up to visit him the following weekend to have dinner at Ross Bridge with his sister and brother-in-law (who had recently moved and hadn’t seen us in a while), and some of their close friends. The next Friday seemed as normal as possible driving up to visit Klein and knowing we would have a dinner date that night. As I arrived at Ross Bridge, it was almost six o’clock and the September sun was preparing to set. With no sign of any of our dinner company, Klein mentioned that “there was an incredible view at the top of a hill close by, and I needed to see it”. Not knowing what was about to happen, I slowed and asked Klein midway, “you know I’m in wedges right?” Obviously, he disregarded my question and continued to walk. Every night at sunset at Ross Bridge, a bagpiper walks around the property playing for all the guests with this night being no different. We reached the top of the hill with a breathtaking view as the bagpiper neared us, and Klein got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I always assumed I would know when this special moment would take place seeing as I know Klein so well, but it couldn’t have been more of a surprise for me and a moment that I will cherish forever. After the proposal, we walked down to have our wonderful, planned dinner…alone.

What was the feel that you wanted to accomplish for your wedding and how did you execute that?
Classic, elegant, and traditional are three words that portray the style I wanted to accomplish with my wedding. I expressed this to my fabulous wedding decorator, Evan Cooper, and he was spot on with every idea he presented to me. I myself had a few ideas in mind for the church and reception venue, but I give him all the credit for composing and executing even better ones to suit my taste. I knew after our first meeting that I could put all trust in him that everything would be absolutely perfect, and it was exactly that and much, much more.

What was your venue (church and/or reception) and why did you select it?
First Baptist Church of Troy is my hometown church. I was dedicated and baptized there and couldn’t imagine being married in any other location. Our reception was held at The Trojan Center Ballrooms immediately following the wedding ceremony. We knew that we would need a large space for our reception venue in order to accommodate all of our guests, and this venue ended up being the perfect location to do so.

Any advice you have for current Brides?
If a current bride were to ask me for advice, I would say to personalize your wedding with things that mean the most to you and your groom to be. As for me, I wanted to incorporate sentimental details into my wedding. A few of these include a bracelet worn on our wedding day that was a gift to my mom from my dad on the day I was born; the lace sleeve from my mom’s wedding gown was used to secure my bridal bouquet; and I got “all dolled up” in a silk gown that my mom wore on her wedding day as well. With all that said, I would have to also advise any current bride not to get tied down in too many details. Wedding planning can become stressful with the amount of details that go into it; however, keep reminding yourself that it is all about you and your groom. At the end of the day, you will be just as married with a white napkin or an ivory one.

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